La Voz de la Esperanza


Back when the Second World War was bringing uncertainty and death to millions and hope itself was under siege, La Voz de la Esperanza (The Voice of Hope) was launched for the benefit of the Spanish-speaking people throughout the world. As an Hispanic media ministry of the North American Division with its headquarters now at the Adventist Media Center, it has been broadcasting God’s Hope en Español for over 65 years to the more than 400 million Spanish-speaking people around the world.  It does so through radio, television, the Internet, and its various worldwide evangelism activities.

Dr. Braulio Pérez Marcio, a poet and evangelist, served as its founder and speaker for over three decades.  Dr. Milton Peverini who provided able leadership for 28 years, and is now speaker-emeritus, succeeded him.  Dr. Frank González took over the speaker/director role from 1998 - 2013.  Omar Grieves has since become the speaker/director in 2013 and is ready to take the La Voz message further into the world than it has ever been before.

On radio, the message of Christ is reaching Hispanics through its program of the same name, La Voz de la Esperanza, broadcasting worldwide on more than 1,300 radio stations.  In fact, the program airs in every Spanish-speaking country of the world and in such unlikely places as Australia; Belgium; England; Germany; Switzerland and Sweden.  It’s also on shortwave, and satellite transmissions courtesy of Adventist World Radio-Latin America and La Red Internacional La Voz de la Esperanza.

On television, La Voz reaches out to millions through the ministry’s primary television outreach effort titled Descubra (Discover).  The program is broadcast weekly into 216 commercial television markets (52 million available homes) throughout the United States while also reaching out to the Hispanic world on the Esperanza TV, Nuevo Tiempo, and 3ABN Latino satellite systems.

La Voz is a vital player in the explosive growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Spanish-speaking world.  To learn more about us (in Spanish), or to join with us in spreading His message, please visit our website www.lavoz.org