The Adventist Media Center is owned and operated by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.
Our Mission
The mission of the Adventist Media Center is to use media to take people on a spiritual journey that culminates with their decision to make a commitment to follow Jesus Christ. This is because we desire to successfully meet history’s greatest challenge…
“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations.”
 “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world..
and then shall the end come.”
Matthew 28:19; 24:11
Our Method
With the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit, this challenge and commission given to us by Jesus Christ is ours to fulfill through the use of media for God’s glory and the uplifting of humanity. The Adventist Media Center specializes in the use of radio, television, internet, satellite, and other innovative but yet-to-be-discovered technology to that end.
Our Vision
In harmony with the great prophecies of the scriptures, the Adventist Media Center team seeks to hasten the greatest media event in history when Jesus will come again and the fulfillment by God to restore all of His creation in full harmony to His perfect will and righteousness will be realized.
About Us
Therefore, the commission has come for us to use media for God’s glory and the uplifting of humanity. The Adventist Media Center specializes in the use of radio, television, internet, satellite, and other innovative but yet-to-be-discovered technology to that end.
You are invited to learn more about each of our ministries listed below in addition to our own Adventist Media Productions (a team of technicians specializing in video and audio production), AMS Agency (an advertising and time-buying agency serving all the ministries and the NAD Church at large).
  The mission statement of the Breath of Life Ministries, as one of the family of broadcasts originating at the Adventist Media Center, is to present the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ to all people groups from a contemporary, urban perspective. We will do this through the production and distribution of Christ-centered, quality television and media programs and with support materials that are intellectually stimulating, Bible based and designed to help people choose a quality of life which is only found in following Christ. We believe He has commissioned us to help all men and women fulfill their needs through a saving relationship with Jesus. To learn more about our ministry, please visit our website at www.breathoflife.tv

Faith for Today
  Faith for Today has been in television ministry since 1950 when William Fagal started broadcasting one of the first religious programs on television. Now more than ever its global presence is felt. Faith for Today has remained true to its commission – to reach the unchurched. And, through its three award-winning programs being broadcast weekly on the world-wide Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Lifestyle Magazine, McDougall, M.D., and The Evidence as well as its newest one, Keeping the Faith, viewers are able to see, sometimes for the first time, how Christ can meet their felt needs. We hope you will take the time to tune into a broadcast or view any or all of these programs on our website at www.faithfortoday.tv

It Is Written
  In 1956, over fifty years ago, God planted a dream in George Vandeman’s heart to evangelize through television. That dream has since grown into one of the most effective soul-winning tools in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. To this day, It Is Written telecast continues to reach behind closed doors and around the world to touch hearts with the everlasting gospel in 140 countries and 10 languages. This multi-faceted ministry seeks to reach people through a variety of methods: the weekly telecast, a worldwide evangelistic ministry, Christian living, digital media, faith-sharing resources, and the internet. It Is Written’s public evangelism has grown to become one of the strongest outreach programs in the world with new and dynamic outreach ministries are happening all the time. We invite you to visit  www.itiswritten.com to catch the excitement of these projects, watch the It Is Written telecast online and learn how you can get involved!

Jesus 101 Biblical Institute
  Elizabeth Talbot, most recently the associate speaker for the Voice of Prophecy, is now the Speaker/Director for the Jesus101 Biblical Institute, a new media ministry of the North American Division. She is a PhD (cand.) in Biblical studies, and travels throughout the US and internationally as a lecturer and revival/motivational speaker. Elizabeth is regularly featured in Hope Channel (Jesus101), LLBN (CrossTalk), 3ABNLatino (Jesus es TODO) and Esperanza TV (Cántico Nuevo). For additional information, visit the ministry’s website: www.jesus101institute.org

La Voz de la Esperanza
  Back in 1942, when World War II was bringing uncertainty and death to millions and hope itself was under siege, La Voz de la Esperanza (The Voice of Hope) was launched for the millions of Spanish-speaking people of the world. The vital seed of the Gospel is scattered over the nearly 1,300 radio stations that air the weekly program in every Spanish-speaking country in the world (as well as other places where there might be people who speak the Spanish language), and also by way of shortwave and satellite transmissions courtesy of Adventist World Radio-Latin America and La Red Internacional La Voz de la Esperanza. Through the Holy Spirit, this ministry is a vital player in the explosive growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Spanish-Speaking world. To learn more about us (in Spanish), please go to our website www.lavoz.org

Life Talk Radio
  LifeTalk Radio reaches out to men and women, empathizing with them, ministering to their needs, winning their confidence, and leading them to Jesus! Through advanced satellite technology, LifeTalk Radio is broadcasting God's message of love and redemption 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Programs, designed to strengthen spiritual life and family values, are shared along with carefully chosen music to transform lives. LifeTalk Radio broadcasts to approximately 70 stations across North America and internationally in Guam, Saipan, and England. Popular programs on the stations include Your Story Hour, Voice of Prophecy, Bible Answers Live, Breath of Life, and Science, Scripture and Salvation. LifeTalk is Connecting People with Christ! To learn more about this ministry, we would invite you to our website www.lifetalk.net

Voice of Prophecy
  A leader in religious broadcasting for nearly 85 years, the Voice of Prophecy focuses on God’s love and heralds the soon return of Christ—bringing hope to broken people and guiding Christians in daily living. Founded in 1929 by H.M.S. Richards, the ministry continues today under the leadership of Shawn Boonstra. Voice of Prophecy can be heard in nearly three dozen languages, and Bible lessons are available in over 70 languages. Local Discover Bible Schools have been established at 2,400 churches across North America and hundreds more around the world. As the Voice of Prophecy looks to the future, it will continue to focus on evangelism and sharing the love of Christ with a hurting world, while using present tools and anticipating yet-to-be-developed technology. Listen online and learn more at www.vop.com

Adventist Information Ministry
  Adventist Information Ministry (AIM) is an evangelistic call center for TV, radio, and Internet broadcasts and satellite events sponsored by the North American Division with the aim of assisting media ministries and local church outreach endeavors. AIM provides live Seventh-day Adventist operators, many of whom are students or seminarians at Andrews University, to answer calls from persons expressing interest in Bible studies, prayer, or pastoral guidance. These young people are provided a meaningful ministry along with the opportunity to finance their Christian education. In this professional business environment, their primary goal is to help interested callers connect to a local Adventist congregation. When the heart and mind are prompted by the Holy Spirit to seek knowledge by picking up the phone, AIM is ready, 365 days a year, to respond.  AIM seeks to touch personal lives 24 hours a day! Learn more by going to www.aiministry.org

Adventist Media Center

If you wish to learn more about the Adventist Media Center, we would invite you to explore our website. If you need more information about us or have questions, please feel free to call or submit a request by going to our contact page.
It is our aim to reach the world for Christ
through the speed and reach of technology and media!

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